“The City of Halton” Really! Province of Ontario’s Review of 8 Regional Municipalities

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Written on February 25th, 2019

The Province of Ontario has announced a review of Ontario’s eight regional municipalities, the County of Simcoe and their lower-tier municipalities by Special Advisors.

The provincially appointed advisory body will develop recommendations for the Minister for the purpose of improving governance, decision-making and service delivery in the regions and Simcoe County and their lower-tier municipalities.

Included in the review is consideration of moving to single-tier municipalities or amalgamating existing municipalities.

I attended Council Meeting on Monday, February 25th where the Town of Oakville passed a resolution endorsing the current effectiveness of our two-tier municipal government as it has evolved on mutual agreement with our partner lower municipalities since its foundation in 1974.

Amalgamation into the “City of Halton” would mean no more Oakville Council to fight for our needs and rights! Instead only a Regional Council where the majority of people deciding our fate do not live here and can not truly represent our unique needs.