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Written on December 12th, 2018

I attended the Open House this evening for the proposed development on the west side of Bronte Road, just north of Rebecca Street. U Developments acquired the site and has hired Bill Hicks with Hicks Design Studio as architect and David Capper with Glenn Schnarr & Associates as planner.

Purpose of Open House – The purpose of the Open House was to inform residents of a pending development application for the properties located at 320, 324, 338, 346 & 350 Bronte Road. Provide relevant information relating to the proposed development and site configuration;

Advise residents of required planning process and provide general timeline for application process. Obtain feedback from area residents on proposed development in order to advise developer on design revisions (if required and when possible)

Development Proposal – Proposed Amendment to the Official Plan seeking an increase in residential density from Low Density Residential to the low end of Medium Density Residential range (29 vs 31 units per hectare) and additional permissions for a townhouse built form;

Proposed Amendment to the Zoning By-Law to introduce an RM1-Residential Medium Density 1 Zone;

Proposed Draft Plan of Subdivision and Plan of Condominium to create the individual lots, internal roadway and visitors parking areas;

Development proposal consists of 28 Residential townhouse units and 2 single detached dwellings. Retention of existing daycare building to be renovated back to single detached dwelling. Minimum of 2 parking spaces per unit. 8 visitors parking spaces located internal to the site.

Internal sidewalks and circulation networks.

Consolidation of existing 4 driveway entrances into 2 driveway entrances.

Dedication of Natural Heritage System to Town.

Portions of the site to the Bronte Creek Natural Heritage System will be dedicated to the Town. 

Planning Application Process – 

Preconsultation meeting held with the Town of Oakville Staff on August 8th, 2018.

Identified reports and studies have been prepared in anticipation of application submission. Application submission anticipated for mid January, 2019. Once application is deemed complete by Town of Oakville, municipality has 210 days in which to make a decision on the application.

Town will hold mandated public meetings to hear from interested parties and identify any concerns with the proposed development.

Town Planning Staff will provide an independent professional planning recommendation to Council. Council will make a decision on the application.

Following Council decision, appeals may be launched by interested parties whom have participated in the process and are unhappy with the decision of Council. 

The big issues from residents at this evenings meetings were the

Huge traffic issues already along Bronte Road/ Bridge Road/ Rebecca Street, which will only be magnified by another development.

Vistors’ Parking of 8 parking stalls proposed for this site is not sufficient and this development will increase on street parking along Bridge Road tremendously.  

Environmental issues dealing with Sixteen Mile Creek and the Natural Heritage system.

The townhouses are currently designed as two storey’s with sloped roofs and dormers allowing for loft bedrooms on a third level. Part of the rezoning to medium density from low density will be to allow for this increased height. One interesting part of the design is to make this development look like four very large detached homes from the Bronte Road elevation. Three of the four buildings will actually contain 4 townhouses per block (3 x 4 = 12) plus the single family detached (1) located to the north of the north entrance.  In addition, there will be two blocks of 8 townhouses (2 x 8 = 16) to the west of the three fronting Bronte Road. Finally the daycare centre will be a (1) single family detached home.  Total number of units = 28 townhouses + 2 detached = 30 units.

If you have any questions about this development, I had an opportunity to meet both the developer and planner, so don’t hesitate to reach out to me, I will be attending all the meetings as this development proceeds through planning to Council.